Musing: A New Way with Lamb Chops

Grilled Lamb Chops

During these days of sheltering in place, avoiding crowds, and making the most out of what’s available at the supermarket, I’ve grown more flexible in the kitchen. This short post is one example of an old dog learning new tricks.

More often than not, when it comes to lamb chops, I opt for baby lamb chops cooked scottadito (Italian for burnt finger). Thin, lightly marinated chops are placed on hot grill pan, cooked on high for two minutes a side, and then served with a dollop of green sauce or pesto. I’ve written about them here.

Lately, however, I’ve been unable to procure these baby chops and have had to settle for thicker loin chops, which until recently weren’t turning out quite right for me. Because of their size, they were coming out either dry and over cooked or too rare and chewy.

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Grilled Lamb Chops


Last night’s recipe for lamb chops came from Everyday Italian: 125 Simple and Delicious Recipes by Giada de Laurentiis. It’s a simple recipe that calls for marinating 3/4 inch lamb chops for several hours in a paste made from extra virgin olive oil, garlic, fresh rosemary, fresh thyme, salt, and cayenne.

I chose to add some ground cumin to the blend for its savory character. Here’s a link to the recipe: Grilled Lamb Chops


I served the chops with steamed spinach and a couscous cooked in stock with some Marsala-soaked raisins and then finished with a generous touch of za’atar, a Middle-Eastern spice blend.

Wine Pairing: Sangiovese, Merlot, Pinot Noir