Pasta with Peas

A frequent reference made by many food bloggers these days is to the Food Network’s show “Chopped.” As are its television contestants, real-time home cooks are often faced today with a hodgepodge of ingredients from their fridge and pantry and challenged to get a meal on the table.

Such was the case this evening, when I found a few ounces of chopped pancetta that was a little beyond its “best-used-by” date, a third of an onion, an almost empty bag of frozen peas, and the remainder of a package of ditalini pasta.

Sautéed in a little olive oil, the pancetta, peas, and onion would have provided enough for a small portions of Roman-style peas, but not enough for a meal. The few ounces of pasta, however, would provide enough bulk to extend the vegetables, and a couple of tablespoons of Parmigiano-Reggiano, our supply slowly diminishing, would enrich the dish upon serving.

The result was like a mini pasta Primavera. Savory, sweet, and green, made nutty and silky by the cheese and a bit of nutmeg added to the peas as they cooked with the onions, pancetta, and olive oil.

Pasta with Peas

Keep cooking my friends and celebrate whatever ingredients you find in your kitchen.


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